Dr. Coleman The Doctor:
Dr. David Coleman, O.D.

As a behavioral optometrist, Dr. Coleman is concerned not just with what you see, but how you see and how efficiently you see. Using the treatment philosophy that the total vision care comprises more than just the symptoms, he emphasizes prevention, education, and involvement of patients in their own care.

Dr. Coleman specialises in vision therapy and is a member of COVD, the prestigious College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Dr. David Coleman is a lifelong resident of the 4-state area and attended Pittsburg State University and Southern College of Optometry, Memphis.

Dr. Coleman received his doctor of optometry (O.D.) in 1977 and returned to practice with his father, Dr. Ray Coleman, who has been in practice since 1951. Together, Drs. David and Ray have been providing eyecare to people of the 4-states for nearly 50 years!

Dr. Coleman is a member of: The American Optometric Association, Missouri Optometric Association, Southwest Mo. Optometric Society, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, past President of Southeast Ks. Optometric Society, past provider of eyecare services for the Indian Health Service, provided voluntary eyecare in Costa Rica and has established a voluntary eyecare clinic at the Caribbean Evangelism Medical Center, Kingston, Jamaica. He has been active in numerous community organizations holding leadership positions, including 8 years on the U.S.D. 508 Board of Education, Baxter Springs. Dr. Coleman and his family are members of the Riverton Friends Church.

The Staff
Our staff are all trained as professionals and operate as team members. Our skilled technicians and vision therapists assist the doctor in performing diagnostic testing and providing our therapy patients with the nurturing atmosphere and developmental experiences necessary to change visual behavior. The tools available to them include the latest technology along with many advanced computer techniques.

Dr. Jeffrey Coleman, O.D. has joined the practice.

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